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More bizarre stuff

Have you ever fancied the idea of watching your wife making love to another man whilst you are forced to watch? Well that’s what cuckold phone sex is all about. Cuckold phone sex is so humiliating and degrading. Whilst it’s not for everyone, some men really like the idea of being forced to watch their wives or girlfriends being fucked by another man. It’s really humiliating if your wife really enjoys being screwed by someone else, it adds to the humiliation. Cuckold humiliation phone sex would make you feel really inadequate and useless, perhaps your wife tells you to wank yourself off whilst you watch her being screwed. It is particularly humiliating if the guy has a huge cock and you don’t.

Cuckold humiliation phone sex is delivered by our expert callers who know exactly what to do, to make your cuckold phone sex experience as real as possible. They will role play being your wife so that the experience feels as real and as degrading as possible. Our phone sex lines specialize in delivering an experience you won’t quickly forget and hopefully you’ll come back for more humiliation phone sex time after time. Humiliation phone sex UK is about making the experience as real as possible for you, the customer. Many of our customers call as often as they can, whilst we don’t offer cheap domination phone sex to everyone you can get it cheaper if you become a member of our special elite Gentleman’s Club. This club is by invitation only and allows it’s members to sample cheap domination phone sex on any of our cheap phone sex lines including the cuckold phone sex line. We also provide all types of fetish and weird calls too, just ask our receptionists and they will tell you about all the call types we offer. We reckon we offer the best humiliation phone sex in the UK, if not the world. Humiliation phone sex is a very British penchant. It’s something British men seem to really like, in fact the British are famous for corporal punishment, spanking, cuckold phone sex and all forms of humiliation phone sex.

This is not something other European countries are really in to, for that reason our Gentleman’s club has a very British feel to it.

So, in conclusion if you want cuckold humiliation phone sex call us now,

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Make me do horrible things. provides all kinds of bizarre humiliation sex chat lines designed to make you feel insignificant and pathetic. Humiliation phone sex is very popular amongst those who like to be laughed at and made to feel like a big sissy. Domination phone sex and domination sex chat are also very popular, we have many satisfied clients who enjoy being dominated and humiliated privately and publicly. They like to be laughed at and mocked by groups of women. Domination phone sex is different and requires callers to follow the instructions they are given by their mistress. Humiliation phone sex may involve you having to be naked in front of a group of women whilst they take the piss out of your pathetic little dick and laugh at you derisively. Domination sex chat is led by the mistress who is normally quite cruel and harsh with her slaves. She expects total obedience and won’t tolerate any cheek during her domination phonesex session.

Humiliation phone sex could involve forced feminisation or sissyfication. Your mistress might dress you up like a big sissy girl during your humiliation sex chat so that she and her friends can laugh at you and make you feel ridiculous. The best humiliation sex chat should leave you feeling pathetic but satisfied. Our mistresses might make you wait to cum until they are completely ready. Our domination phone sex girls will usually let you come before the call ends but only if you have been an obedient slave during your humiliation phone sex call. You might be lucky and the mistress may invite you to call her back on another occasion. This is something of an honour only awarded to the most obedient domination phone sex callers. Such privileges have to be earned by supplication and submission. Domination sex chat ladies are generally more mature and have a wealth of experience in their chosen domination sex chat field. They may choose to use their men like animals, to run and fetch or they may choose to use you as a toilet or your tongue as an arse cleaner. It really depends how they feel at the start of their humiliation sex chat call.

If you want to join our little group, our group of men who love to be dominated and humiliated then give us a call. Our humiliation sex chat Ladies are very discerning and will only deal with callers who are prepared to suffer any humiliation or degradation they choose to inflict. Humiliation phone sex and domination phone sex is available 24 x7. Why not give us a call and see what you think?

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Milfs and Matures

If you’re looking for the ultimate phone wank then give us a call, that’s what we are here for. There’s nothing like a really explicit dirty phone wank to make you feel better. Our phone sex chat lines offer you the best phone wank on the planet. We have a wide selection of mature women available for Milf phon sex and 24 x 7. They are experienced dirty bitches who long to listen to you having a phone wank whilst you’re talking to them. It’s what turns them on. We also offer threesome phone sex. This has got to be the ultimate experience, every mans dream…. Two girls together, what more could you want. Phone sex chat with two ladies is every man’s dream, a perfect way to experience a serious phone wank, especially with our milf phone sex girls. Their age and experience shows every time. Here at we offer niche fetish, bizarre humiliation and little dick phone humiliation. Little dick phone humiliation is really degrading and humiliating. It’s not for everyone, not every one wants to be laughed at or made fun off because they have a little dick. That’s what little dick phone humiliation is all about. Little dick phone humiliation is great if you have threesome phone sex because you can here two women laughing and taking the piss out of you rather than one. They will tell you to show them your little dick. There’s nothing quite like being humiliated publicly.

Humiliation phone sex chat and little dick phone sex humiliation are available 24 x 7 on our phone sex chat lines. You can pay for your calls by credit or debit card. Make sure you tell our receptionists exactly what you want so that they can find the best phone wank girl for you. We offer a wide range of ages, our youngest girls are 18 and our oldest are in their sixties. Milf phone sex is very popular, we find many of our clients prefer the older, more experienced woman especially for humiliation phone sex and little dick phone humiliation.

So if your looking for the perfect phone wank experience visit us at

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Panty sex – disgusting or not?

If you like the idea of having a pair of soiled, grubby panties pushed in to your face and then forced into your mouth and  made to suck on them, then you need dirty panties phone sex. We have ladies who specialize in soiled panties sex chat. They are experts and they know exactly what you want and how you like to be treated. She may ask you to wear a pair of panties so that you look either cute or ridiculous, it depends what you want from the call. Dirty panties sex chat appeals especially to the lovers of ladies lingerie. If you ask nicely and for a small fee our ladies will send you a pair of their worn panties. Once you receive them through the post you can call her again. Make sure you have the panties with you when you call and then leave the rest to her. She will ask you to lick and suck the crutch and arse so that you can taste her most intimate parts. Dirty panties phone sex is much better if you have a pair of her panties with you when you ring. They don’t have to be hers of course, any ladies dirty panties will do. Our ladies will do the rest with you and for you Soiled panties sex chat leaves nothing to the imagination, you may be asked to rub them around your cock.

This would tie in nicely if your also into small cock phone sex as well. Small cock phone sex is great for those who love being humiliated and laughed at by dominant ladies. They will make you do degrading things just to satisfy their own cruel streak and lusty needs. Little dick sex chat is probably the most humiliating form of sex there is. You can hear the ladies giving you ‘wank off’ instructions, telling you to pull your little cock until you cum. So if you would like a combination of small cock humiliation and soiled panties sex chat then our ladies can put the two together to make your calls even hornier.

Dirty panties phone sex is available from our ladies 24 x 7, payment is by credit or debit card. Our calls our private, uncensored and as horny as hell. So go on give us a call and we’ll make sure you have the time of your life, you can live your very own dirty panties sex chat fantasy.

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Wet, wet, wet

At we satisfy a variety of fetishes including watersports sex chat and piss phone sex. Many of our clients love their piss sex chat with our explicit and raunchy girls. They love pissing on their clients and generally using them as toilets. Watersports phone sex is a popular niche and our girls will let you hear them pee. Listening to a woman pee is always a turn on particularly when they do it over you, over your face and in your mouth.

Watersports sex chat is explicit, very raunchy and available 24 x 7. All our piss sex chat girls have full bladders and can’t wait to release their stream of  fluid all over you. Some of them like to be pissed on too. Imagine standing there in front of them as they kneel before you with their mouths open waiting for your stream of piss to swallow. They love it. Watersports phone sex is dirty and depraved, it really is the ultimate turn on to use her as a toilet and then for her to use your mouth as toilet, this is watersports sex chat at it’s best.

No holds barred, wet and wonderful piss phone sex is popular with our customers and girls alike. Everyone loves the feel of warm piss over their body. So why not give phone sex watersports a go. If you’ve not done it before then you might like it, you won’t know till you have tried. We have girls who specialize in piss phone sex because they enjoy the feeling and the taste of your salty piss in their mouths. Being used as a toilet can be quite an experience particularly if it’s part of a domination or humiliation watersports phone sex call. To be used by a woman in this way is a great turn on and very intimate. It is humiliating but you will end up completely satisfied. Piss sex chat can form part of an ordinary call. It doesn’t have to involve humiliation. You might choose to do it simply because you like it.

Our Watersports sex lines are open 24 x 7 so give us a call and experience the wet and salty side of life.

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