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BBW phone sex – BBW sex line – BBW sex lines

I was once told that big girls are better in bed. As I’d never had a big girl I couldn’t really say if that was true or not.  So determined to find out I rang and chose the BBW phone sex option. I listened to several recordings of girls before I found the BBW sex line operator that I wanted to talk to. It was amazing, she even sounded fat!! She huffed and puffed in a manner asthmatic and seemed to have real difficulty getting off the bed. It was a real effort for her to reach the huge pizza she always kept by the bed just in case of emergencies. BBW sex lines vary in quality and you might end up with a thin bird who is just pretending to be morbidly obese. Some people eh!! Anyway the girl I spoke to on this BBW phone sex line was genuinely fat. She told me that she had just come back from holiday in Spain and had been embarrassed when the life guard asked her to move off the beach because the tide wanted to come in.

Fat girls didn’t turn me on before I spoke to big Beyonce at the Donkey, I’m not sure that was her real name. However she described herself as being very fat indeed and gave me a detailed account of her rolls of flab and fat. They were huge, like great tractor tyres of lard around her middle and bum. This BBW sex line operator was very convincing she even reported having fungal growth between her lard layers, now that’s what I call genuine.

Not all BBW sex lines are as good as the Donkey. When I want fat, I want fat, not some anorexic wearing a flab suit. It’s a real shame that women don’t do Sumo wrestling, I’d love to go and watch that. Two great big girls, throwing each other around on a mat. You can imagine the seismic movement of flubber and blubber. Ground trembling impacts and crashes measuring at least 5.4 on the Richter scale. My Beyonce talks to me for hours on the BBW sex line and although she sometimes falls asleep particularly after a huge Pizza with extra pepperoni and lard she keeps me happy. If you’re going to call BBW sex lines you want the girls to be genuine. If they are breathless and sound as if they are heaving themselves around the bed you know they are probably not deceiving you.

My only issue with BBW phone sex is that I can’t imagine how you actually find their naughty bits. They are probably lost in mounds of sweaty heaving flesh. You would have to move her stomach out of the way in order to gain entry. You’d need to be pretty strong too, lifting pounds of flesh can take it out on you. Particularly if you have a bad back. So perhaps all in all, it’s best to ring the BBW phone sex line where you can enjoy your lardy fantasy without the risk of permanent damage or injury.

So if you’re looking for a BBW sex line that reduces the risk of serious injury or risk to health then give the Donkey a call and find the fat girl of your dreams. There are so many to choose from.

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18 Phone Sex – Just 18 phone sex

Spank the Donkey ( is a new adult telephone entertainment service, based in the UK; it was launched in September 2012. The service provides a variety of adult orientated niches including; barely legal 18 phone sex and just 18 phone sex for those callers who prefer younger, nubile ladies.

All our teens are over 18 and are therefore quite experienced callers, so they know exactly what the customer is looking for. The just 18 phone sex lines are available 24 x7 and provide our customers with a genuinely raunchy phone sex experience. Many of the girls specialise or have interests in niche areas, such as panty fetish and submission. Younger ladies tend to be a little less experienced than their older more mature colleagues and enjoy it when the customer takes control. They enjoy being submissive.

Spank the donkey has everything from mature housewives to those who specialise in domination and humiliation. A quick visit to the website will show you what type of calls are available. All our ladies whether they are older or involved in just 18 phone sex are quite charming and will do everything they can to please the client. It is in their interest to keep the client happy as the longer the client is on the phone the more money they make. Girls who work in the 18 phone sex bracket rely on repeat callers and regular clients. They are the mainstay of their work and provide them with a reasonable and regular income. It is therefore pretty obvious that they need to be amenable,  versatile and conscious of the needs and demands of the client.

The 18 phone sex girls all work from their own homes. This means that calls are private and uncensored. There’s nothing worse than talking to a girl and hearing noises or other voices in the background.  Just 18 phone sex needs to be private and intimate and the girls need to sound younger than the normal operators. At   www.  we take great care to ensure that we have the right girls available 24 x 7. There would be no point in ringing our 18 phone sex number and ending up with a lady who is in her fifties and sounds as if she smokes 50 cigarettes ad day!!

The new service operates using premium rate lines; it’s so simple, you pay for your call on your phone bill. It couldn’t be easier, quicker or cheaper.  And we’ve thought of everything. If you’re calling from outside the UK you can pay by credit card. So no matter where you are in the world just 18 phone sex is available with real, genuine British girls. So if you enjoy the company of younger ladies and 18 phone sex then give us a call today.

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